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Straddle Carriers

AVM Netherlands BV is specialized in supplying, repairing and reconditioning wheel drives of straddle carriers for container terminals. In our advanced workshop of Moordrecht  the parts of Noell-, Kalmar- and Nelcon carriers are expertly disassembled and inspected after which a repair proposal is drafted. After approval of our customer, the parts are installed according to protocol, adjusted and tested. After this the unit will be external preserved in the desired color scheme.

Common revisions at Noell-, Kalmar- and Nelcon carriers are:
- Wheel drives
- Non driven wheels
- Electric motors
- Support bearings
- Steering simulators

We also do overhaul work on tractors, Reachstackers,  MOL tractors and AGV’s which move on container terminals. At these vehicles we repair/overhaul:
- Complete Axles
- Axle drives
- Final drives
- Brake parts
- Axle parts

At all repairs and overhauls, we use original parts which is ensuring  that quality is guaranteed.