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The owner and founder of AVM Nederland is Arjo Vermeij, a technician with trader's blood in his veins. At the beginning, Arjo hired himself out to crane companies as a self-employed professional for the repair and overhauling of vehicle brake systems. In doing so, he gained a wealth of experience. It all went so well, that he saw a gap in the market and, when he got the opportunity, he bought the exclusive rights to buy brake components from OE manufacturers. Through a customer, he rented a 150 m2 loft on Noordkade 74 in the Dutch town of Waddinxveen and he started there with AVM Nederland in December 1999. After a short time, his brother-in-law came to work there to assist him.

After the brake components market experienced a dip, Arjo's interest was awakened for used axle components and he began to delve into this area. It was a case of 'make or break' but, with the right advertising, AVM's clientele grew. More and more square footage was rented, all of which was used for storage of stock. Finally, a further workshop measuring 150 m2 was built underneath. From 2000, the number of employees increased. When, in 2005, there was also a need for administration and invoicing staff, Arjo started to look around for his own and, more importantly, larger premises. The aim was for AVM Nederland to be able to grow even larger.

After it became clear that a business park was going to be built in the Dutch town of Moordrecht, the choice was made quickly. In 2007, the land was purchased and, in December 2009, AVM Nederland relocated to Grote Esch 840, at the new Gouwe Park business park in Moordrecht. The property consists of a 1000 m2workshop and storage area and a 200 m2 office. AVM Nederland had a staff of six people at the time of the relocation.

From 2011, Wilco Schrave joined to assist Arjo with sales and to provide leadership to the workshop staff. Consequently, Arjo was able to create more time for recruiting new customers and to focus on a regional company's growth into a global market player. This website is a tool that allows us to be found worldwide. As a result, AVM Nederland can grow larger and achieve expansion in the workshop and the office. At the time of publication of this website, AVM Nederland had a staff of ten people.

Arjo Vermeij uses the slogan: ‘We're as good as our word.’ However large AVM Nederland may grow, this promise will remain unaffected!

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