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AVM Netherlands B.V. is located in Moordrecht in an ultramodern building with office space, and a large workshop. We are specialized in the repair and overhaul of gearboxes. Recently we finished the construction of our new second workshop with lifting capacity up to 20 tons.

AVM Netherlands assembles preferably original parts to ensure the quality of repairs / overhauls. We stand for quality and reliability, this also applies to the bearings and seals we use at the revisions of gearboxes. We use only A-Quality brands for bearings like SKF, FAG, INA and Timken and with the oil seal, we prefer Freudenberg Simrit. With old gear units it happens that parts are no longer in stock and manufacturing of these parts makes the revision to expensive. Our engineering department is specialized in selecting an alternative modern gearbox that is compatible with your old gearbox. If necessary we design and produce alternative foundations in order to achieve this compatibility. In our advanced workshop in Moordrecht we serve customers from home and abroad.  AVM Netherlands has an enthusiastic team that will not shy away from challenges. This team is led by Wilco Schrave who has over 20 year’s experience in Driving Technology.

Water treatment plants

Revisions to gearboxes for water treatment plants and pumping stations is something we are familiar with. By water treatment plants and pumping stations common brands of gearboxes are: Flender, SEW, Rademakers, Santasalo and Hansen. We are happy to help you if your installation needs preventive maintenance or has come to an unplanned standstill.

Cooling towers

Because gearboxes in cooling towers are subject to a humid environment, the chance of failure is larger than drives in more favorable conditions. Shaft seals become affected by corrosion allowing moisture easily penetrating the gearbox and causing damage. Due to our experience we can offer you a suitable solution whereby the life of the gearbox increases significantly. Common brands which are used in cooling towers are Amarillo, Marley, Hansen and Flender.


Other sectors in which we revise gearboxes are feed mills, glass factories, cocoa factories, soy factories, food processing industries, steel mills, waste disposal companies, incineration industry, sludge processing companies, fat melting plants, paper mills and petrochemical industries. The gear units are used for, among others, mixers, dryers, elevators, presses and transport systems.


We repair and overhaul gearboxes from hoists, trolley, driving units and cable winches. In cranes one uses ZPMC, Flender, PIV, Nelcon, Kalmar and Kumera gearboxes.


We overhaul Gearboxes of brands: Flender Hansen Kumera, Santasalo, PIV, Thyssen, TGW, WGW, SEW, Sumitomo Cyclo, Bierens, Rademakers, Locker and Ekato.